8 Years and Counting ; The Journey

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Farewell is inevitable. One way or another it will happen. Things might end but the memories will last forever in our hearts. 28th of January 2021, PERAYA fandom was bidding goodbyes to one mega project that ushered in the New Year, a building wrapping project; KS New Year Project 2021. This project started with a thought of gifting the fans, as well as our beloved pair, Krist and Singto a New Year gift. The project also to let the boys know how much fans are missing them and no matter what, fans will always be with them. Having those thought in mind, a group of fans decided to ‘wrap’ GMM Grammy Building with KristSingto’s poster.


The team came up with the proposal which lead to 3 plans and estimated price respectively. Based on the quotation given, Plan A (front media), Plan B (side media) and Plan C (both Plan A and Plan B combined) were then announced with a poll. Fans from all over the globe were invited to cast their vote to decide which plan will be executed for the project. Plan A cost 605,000B and Plan B cost 1.66Million B whereas Plan C cost 2.23Million Baht which had gotten the highest votes by fans.

- And so, the journey began. -


Fund raising started on the 10th of August 2020 and was expected to end on 21st of November 2020. There were two campaigns done for the fund raising. The main project #KSNewYearProject2021 was divided into 8 separate campaigns whereby each had a fixed minimum donation amount and in return, fans will get one exclusive thank you card for every 8 campaigns. The sub-project was the #70000hrsToForeverxSK which was also comprises of 8 campaigns as well. The sub-project was a fan-fiction novels, written by 15 writers for 15 separate novels throughout the campaign periods. The beautifully written novels were available in Thai and English language. The mechanism was similar whereby, each campaign had a minimum amount of donation for fans to get an access code to the novel.

The feedback received by fans, both local and international was exceptional. Everyone was playing their part in making this mega project a success. The team and many local fans were doing attractive giveaways, RT and ‘like’ challenges and even international FCs and fans were doing the same, each was having their own way to support the campaign. There were non-profit fan made merchandize sale to help raise the funds as well. Everyone was giving their utmost best effort.

- The 8 campaigns went by with a strong display of unity. -


The journey didn’t unfold easily but with enormous determination, the fandom managed to reverse every negativity along the way. Plan C was completed on the 1st of November 2020 with a total amount collected 2.883.286,08B. Not only the plan was finished 19 days earlier than the estimated date, the amount received also exceeded the target. The installation of the media to wrap the GMM Grammy Building was commenced on the 10th of December 2020.

Every PERAYA, Samoon and Yuyu, the entire big family both local and international fans could feel the excitement when the workers started to install the media. Piece by piece, bit by bit, from one glass wall to another revealing the faces of one beloved pair fueled up the adrenaline rush in everyone’s vein. And finally one monstrous KristSingto’s poster which equal to roughly 60 condo was plastered on GMM Grammy building’s wall along with another poster at the front. Red gigantic posters of KristSingto were majestically greeting everyone’s sight. People from near and far off could see the GMM Grammy building easily. It was hard not to have your attention on the red wall. Even from BTS nearby, the public could pinpoint the building easily. Feeling proud is an understatement for everyone.

The #KSNewYearProject2021 was extended from wrapping the GMM building to few others projects including the #8YearsAndStillCountingxSK a forth night exhibition at Asoke Terminal 21. What made the exhibition extra special was how it was displayed and executed. The exhibition rooms were located on 2 different floors in which were displaying Krist and Singto’s journey throughout the years and reliving some significant moments of them. There was a Gear Challenge done whereby fans came and completed every missions given to get a SOTUS gear. One symbol of great meaning for PERAYA. A memorable sign that started the journey of this fandom. Terminal 21 not only adorned by special show rooms but also 56 KristSingto LED.

Besides that, another side projects done were, cup sleeves event at GMM Building with marvelous decoration of fireplace gave out the Season Greeting’s vibe. Since the funds raised exceeded the targeted amount, not only the main and side projects were done, but the team also made a fan support during FANTOPIA 2020 whereby they organized a PERAYA food fair during the event. All those side projects making the GMM Grammy building wrap project became more astounding.

- And for a month, a remarkable love, determination and loyalty was put on display. -


The #KSNewYearProject2021 not only garnered reactions within the fandom but also by many media. Besides cost a fortune it was also the biggest building wrap ever done in Thailand entertainment industry. Normally all the media plastered on every glass wall of any building was stamped with brand’s name but this time what was proudly displayed were gigantic posters with two handsome faces and what was written only were their names and no brands nor product’s name on it. It was a tell-tale that the project was fully funded by fans.

The fact that the boys had been in the industry for almost 5 years and only had one series as the main lead and for the fans to pull off the mega project speak volumes of the strong bonds formed between both parties; KristSingto and the fandom. Many might say all was done because the fandom is rich and the boys are loved deeply. However, what was on display went beyond that. The consistency of support is beyond that.

“Having only money is not enough. It is determination. It is something beyond love. It is a systematic support.”

– Khun Boy | #ONLYYOUxKristSingto

As the project was reaching the day of its execution, the fandom was having their own thought of how the boys themselves will react to their posters plastered on their office’s building. Krist and Singto were surprised at the support and love shown by their fans. In few interviews regarding the projects, both were conveying their gratitude and happiness to see the project. At the same time, they reminded the fans to manage their financial wisely. The boys mentioned that their fans don’t have to do something luxurious as fan projects as they always been grateful for them. Even so, Krist and Singto emphasize that their fans’ happiness is always be the priority.

“We always say that do whatever makes them happy, but it must not cause them difficulties.”

– KristSingto
- Because you are our happiness. -


Days went by and the time for the mega project to finally end arrived, the final piece of the poster was taken off from the wall on the 30th of January 2021. The fandom bid it goodbye to the project by doing a tag trending a few days earlier on the 28th of January 2021. On that day, fans were sharing their sweet thoughts and their thanks for the project.

This remarkable project couldn’t have been executed excellently without one great team with one thorough plan, a plan that was very extensive to make sure the project is a success. To top that, great trust also plays a major role that make it possible. Trust between the team and trust from fans to willingly giving their extreme support financially. From the tiniest contribution to the most great, financially or non-financially alike, each of them was what made this significant fan project successful.

Having said that, a great team, a great plan, and a great trust won’t guarantee one successful project such as #KSNewYearProject2021 but because the fandom has one great best partners; Krist and Singto, all of us can boast with pride that each one of us belong to a great fandom. For that reason #ByeByeKSNYProject2021 happened, for us to bid goodbye to one splendid project.

- Until we meet again. So long… -

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