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On 4th of August 2020, the fandom was surprised by a few posts from GMMTV artists including Krist and Singto which were pictures of water bottles, and soon it was revealed that there will be a music expo and concert. This mega-scale event was organized by Fantopia Thailand whereby were included artists from GMMTV and Nadao. The event was successfully done on the 21st and 22nd of November 2020.

For the 2 days event, Krist and Singto were in Set A for Day 1 and Set B for Day 2. The line-up for Set A was performing during the day session whereas Set B was performing during the night. For both Day 1 and Day 2, Krist and Singto were the closing act for their team’s line-up. 

The appearance from Krist and Singto was anticipated by many of their fans and moreover, the pandemic made it difficult for the two to perform on the stage in front of their fans, physically. As for Day 2, those who were unable to attend the concert were lucky because they were able to watch it via AIS Play application.

“Imaginary couple, ‘Krist-Singto with their great talents.”

THE UP CLOSE @Theupclose // trans by Fuse

The pair performed 7 songs altogether for roughly 45 minutes and it was beyond amazing. Fans were amazed by how much both of them had improved in their singing. Their show started with “You’re Beautiful” originally sang by Krist Perawat himself. The song was given a new breath where Krist added on rap part into the song. It was arranged beautifully with their voices beautifully blend together.

The next song was a mashup of two songs originally by Aof Pongsak. Singto’s soothing voice greeting the audiences like a lullaby with คำถามที่ต้องตอบ(Kum Tahm Tee Dtaung Dtaup) and continued with Krist’s melodious voice with เรื่องจริงยิ่งกว่านิยาย (Reuang Jing Ying Gwah Niyai). Just as how Krist and Singto’s chemistry with each other is beyond words despite being two different individuals with different personalities, the two songs mashed-up together sounds perfect and left the fans and audiences astounded.

For Krist-Singto, the pairs were giving all they’d got. Singto came out in his vocal showcase, singing “Did you ever love me?”.
Khun P sang and play drum in “Regret”.
And the beautiful impressive show from both of them in the mash-up “The question that must be answered” & “The reality is like a fairytale” .

SIAM ZONE ( // trans by Fuse

Krist and Singto then continued to serve the audiences with their breathtaking back-to-back performance. Singto was doing his solo stage with “เคยรักฉันบ้างไหม (Koey Ruk Chun Bahng Mai)” originally sang by Loso, accompanied by an orchestra and leaving the audiences in awe with his powerful vocal. Soon after, the stage was taken over by Krist’s deep voice singing “ผิดที่ไว้ใจ (Pit Tee Wai Jai)” originally by Silly Fools. This particular performance from the duo was giving the audiences and their fans goosebumps with one mindblown rendition. The song was added with rap verses by Krist and a powerful grand appearance by Singto.

The intensity of the performance, their vocal, and the emotions that they put into the song brought those watching to another level of an amazing performance. Afterward, Krist was having his solo stage by playing the drum and singing ชีวิตเป็นของเรา (Cheewit Pen Kaung Rao)” originally by Bodyslam. Their closing song was an upbeat song originally sang by POTATO, entitled ที่เดิม (Same Place).

Song List

Krist and Singto’s stage during Fantopia 2020 for two days received huge praises from fans and non-fans alike. Not only the two owned the stage, but they were also very good at handling the crowd. In the span of 45 minutes, Krist and Singto were able to grab everyone’s full attention, both Day 1 and Day 2 of Fantopia 2020.

Krist-Singto :
You’re So Beautiful by Krist Perawat
Singto :
คำถามที่ต้องตอบ(Kum Tahm Tee Dtaung Dtaup) by Aof Pongsak
Krist :
เรื่องจริงยิ่งกว่านิยาย (Reuang Jing Ying Gwah Niyai) by Aof Pongsak
2nd part
Singto Solo (Orchestra) :
เคยรักฉันบ้างไหม (Koey Ruk Chun Bahng Mai) by Loso
Krist (+rap) + Singto :
ผิดที่ไว้ใจ (Pit Tee Wai Jai) by Silly Fools
Krist Solo (drum) :
ชีวิตเป็นของเรา (Cheewit Pen Kaung Rao) by Bodyslam
Krist-Singto :
ที่เดิม (Same place) by POTATO

Fan Projects

The two days event held in Impact Arena and Challenger Hall 1, Thailand not only captivated the audiences with the great performance by Krist and Singto but the public and fans were also taken aback by insane fan-projects from Krist and Singto’s fans. Some were even saying it was as if the expo was KristSingto’s Expo rather than Fantopia. 

The great fan-projects that were done were one proof of dedication, love, and support by Krist and Singto’s fans from all over the globe, which hoped to be lasting for as long as it could to keep Krist-Singto’s journey company.

Support Project by Thai FC

Support project by Japan FC

Support Project by KSNewYearProject2021 – JapanFC – IndonesiaFC – MalaysiaFC


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