Happy Anniversary, Peraya

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Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat garnered fans even before Sotus was filmed. The small number of fans soon become larger and today, both of them have supporters from all over the globe. These fans are known as PERAYA. The fandom’s name was inspired by the boys’ name, Perawat and Prachaya which then formed the acronym PERAYA. While the acronym Peraya was established on February 20th 2016, the fanclub was officially founded on April 19th 2017 marked with both Perawat and Prachaya exchanging rings later on that day.

PERAYA is a group of fans that is also known as couple fans or shipper whereby they support Singto and Krist as an item or partners. That being said, Peraya is not solely giving their full support to the boys as duo or together. They always present in any event regardless of whether it is a solo event or a duo event. What makes the whole fandoms of KristSingto superior is that they practice unity in their diversity. Samunjaopha, Yuyu and Peraya always working hand in hand in supporting the boys and this is what make the bond between the fandoms and KristSingto strong.

Despite their series already ended long, their couple works don’t stop there. Fans are keep growing in numbers and they get more well known around the world.


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