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Kasetsart University : The Beginning

No one knows what destiny had written for us.

Of one picture and a hashtag. This was the beginning of the unique intertwined of paths between Sotus, Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat. SOTUS system is one common practice in Thailand. It stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity and Spirit. This system has been causing quite a ruckus among the students as most are against the fierce hazing culture by the seniors. However, throughout the years, the system has been evolving and began to be accepted by the public. In 2013 June, in the midst of stressful orientation week, hoping to lift the mood up and to cheer on the freshman, one tag gained attention on social media. The tag was ‘The Wicked Hazer and A Freshman Year Student’ and it was not only caught the public’s eyes but also one young author called Ploy also known as Bittersweet. She was then asked permission from the original poster of the hashtag if she could use that for her novel because she was inspired by the idea.

Initial Post of Wicked Hazer (but handsome) Singto

A year later, in 2014 the novel by Bittersweet resurfaced again and this time not only ‘The Wicked Hazer and A Freshman Year Student’ tag gained attention but together with a picture of one head hazer, the one and only Singto Prachaya. In the same year and in the same Kasetsart University (KU), fate doesn’t stop at having Singto’s picture taken while he was on duty as a hazer, among the crowd there was Krist Perawat being part of the supporting team for the hazers that time.

Little that they know, that novel by Bittersweet will turn into a silver screen and two young men from Kasestart University without knowing each other will meet at the audition wearing their university’s uniform and will be casted as the main leads of Sotus The Series, two years later.

Having said that, Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat are actually had been known to each other since 2013 when Singto was a second year student while Krist was in his freshman year. During KU Econ Night, Singto was part of the cheerleader and Krist was a drummer and his band did perform that night. As a freshman, Krist look up to Singto as his senior and as a hazer. He even asked for advice from Singto about his thought of being a hazer himself and he did become one in 2015. One more time in this year, another picture of one hazer along with another tag ‘handsome hazer, please tell the others’ was floating on the social media.

Fated To Meet You (Again)

Sotus : The Series

“Brave enough to bend your own rules or you have to lose the one that stole your heart?”

SOTUS The Series, produced by GMMTV has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the BL (Boys’ love) world also known as the Y-world for its refreshing story and not to forget the amazing leads; Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat. This series which was based on a novel by Bittersweet has taken the nation by storms upon its released on August 20th, 2016.

Sometimes an actor is so perfectly cast in a role that it seems as if it might as well have been the additional commandment in any holy book produced. This was what happened in Sotus. Despite being contrary with the original characters in the novel, Krist and Singto were deemed to be the most perfect actors for that roles. What made it more interesting was the fact that Krist was chosen to portray Arthit despite the fact that he went to the audition for Kongphob’s role and same went to Singto who had Arthit in his mind but get chosen to be Kongphob.

According to Krist Perawat, he is actually nothing like his character in Sotus, Arthit Rojnapat who is one strict hazer with a soft side of him and an indecisive guy in voicing himself out. Singto Prachaya who portrayed Kongphob Suthilak was also saying in real life, his personality is different from the character. He is one who love to be alone most of the time while listening to music and reading books. Even so, both agreed that their University’s life was somehow similar with the series whereby the junior will get hazed by the senior.

Sotus The Series was a story about one freshman and his senior. The story begin with a new intake of freshmen of Faculty of Engineering having their joyful orientation and breaking the ice session but that atmosphere didn’t last long as the arrival of a group of seniors into the cheer hall causes upheaval and a drop of the hall’s temperature. Lead by Arthit Rojnapat, a 3rd year student, the seniors were lining up on the stage staring at the freshmen. A loud voice blasted throughout the hall and giving them chill in their bones and that voice belongs to none other than Arthit; the head hazer. Standing proudly on the stage, he took out the gear and told the 1st year how significant the gear is for the Engineering student.

As saying goes, appearance can be deceptive. In the midst of fear, who would’ve thought that a seemingly meek freshman stood up and spoke up for his batch-mates and even without fear claimed to take their head-hazer as his wife in order to get the gear. As the series unfolds, the viewers will be served not only by the sweet love story between the two but also about friendship and on top of that about the entire SOTUS system. A story about the real meaning of the bond made and shared between seniors and juniors behind the said to be harsh SOTUS system. The finale of SOTUS: The Series was aired on 14th of January 2017.

Sotus S : The Series

“Love on the rocks, but is the romance still in the air?”

The novel was meant to be only one and no further continuation out of it and fans were left where Kongphob and Arthit finally revealed themselves to their friends that they are in a relationship. The heartwarming story of the two lovebirds made the fans crave for more and request for Bittersweet to pen a second book. By huge demand, after a short break for almost a year, Kongphob and Arthit are back to the screen on 9th of December 2017 with Sotus S.

The course of true love never did run smoothly and this is the case of Kongphob and Arthit. Sotus S explores another real life issue that are faced by many which most can relate to it. We are brought to where Kongphob is now a head hazer while Arthit is a salary man. The story developed by showing the viewers on how Arthit had to deal with himself being not brave enough to bare open with his colleague that their company’s intern; Kongphob is his lover. The roller-coaster of emotions that were brought forth by the entire season were immense where the male leads not only need to battle with their inner-self but also they have to face the society as well. Just as how the 1st season portrayed the stories about love relationship and friendship, this season didn’t go far off from it. It shows the beauty of friendship and the real deal of how working life will be.

Sotus S aired its finale on March 10th, 2018. This season also featuring one special episode whereby Arthit and Kongphob were being interviewed by Miss Ploy also known as Bittersweet, the author for this novel. Once again, this series became phenomenal and break the 2nd season curse which often experienced by most series. In this season, not only the fans see the characters grow but they also see how Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat grow in their acting; honing up their skills in a year and deliver every emotions that they need to convey perfectly. They successfully brought Kongphob and Arthit into life that they become one with the characters and left such a great impact on fans’ heart.

Our Skyy Arthit – Kongpob

“Out of sight, out of mind… they said.”

In less than a year, the fandom was surprised by GMMTV when they announced their special project; Our Skyy. A total of 5 episodes in which it tells a story of one pair from 5 different series including Sotus. Episode 5 of Our Skyy was about nation’s beloved lovebirds Kongphob and Arthit. They returned to the screen again on December 21st 2018.

What so special about this one episode of Our Skyy? “It might be special because Arthit and Kongphob never separated in Season 1, living together in Season 2 but in Our Skyy they need to face the fact that they will be separated and they don’t know for how long the separation will be”, according to Krist Perawat in a magazine interview. Similarly, Singto Prachaya said, “It continues from the previous story which ended happily, where Kongphob receiving the scholarship to study abroad.”

Our Skyy Ep.5 might seems too short to display a tale of the struggles faced by one couple who is about to go for a long distance relationship. With 2 amazing seasons of Kongphob and Arthit’s journey prior, it was close to impossible to have a 1 episode sequel which will be the closure of the entire saga. However, once again, the team proved otherwise. Our Skyy Episode 5 was perfectly and beautifully developed without missing out any important essences needed to be bared open to the viewers. The fans able to understand both sides of different views about a long- distance relationship very well. The story was written splendidly that the viewers can grasp the whole concept and the meaning that the story try to convey. In the span of about 50-minutes duration, Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat once again successfully portray their characters very well and deliver it flawlessly.

Fans finally get a closure of the entire saga of Sotus series with Our Skyy. Even so, Kongphob and Arthit as well as the entire series will always be kept and treasured as everyone’s best memories, especially for Krist Perawat and Singto Prachaya.

“Filming Sotus, is the best memories”– Krist Perawat

“Just to be able to spend time together, that’s the best memory”– Singto Prachaya

More About SK


‘We are like jigsaw puzzle. They are not the same shape but when they are put together, they fit.’

Jigsaw puzzle. That is how Krist and Singto describing them. As an individual, they are a total opposite but somehow those differences are what make them compatible with each other. Krist Perawat is very vocal in expressing his emotions while Singto Prachaya expresses his by actions. Their different traits complement each other well and they have a good chemistry together. This might be the main reason why their bonds are getting stronger by day and their relationship is easily evolve from senior and junior to co-actors and now close brothers.

‘I may not come this far without P’Singto. I learned a lot from him.’ Krist Perawat once said in a magazine interview. Singto is a quiet person yet caring and he is one who is very attentive towards another. According to Krist, they can be together and enjoy their quiet moments but can have his attention if the atmosphere is getting uncomfortable. In his quietness, Singto can come with unpredictable and unexpected actions that show he is paying attention to the other. During their study years, Singto was that senior whom Krist always saw walking alone and minding his own business that often time he wondered if that senior has any friends. Singto is a calm person and through the years, Krist said that he learns a lot from that trait. Krist is a hot-headed person but somehow, Singto taught him to be a calm person.

Back in the days, Singto known Krist as that junior who always go against the rule and the one who played the drum. ‘Krist is a lovely person and is very friendly. He can easily get along with everyone.’ This was what told by Singto when was asked about Krist Perawat. That personality is definitely contradict to his own self. Another characteristic that Singto wishes to have is able to easily memorized things and for this part, it is Krist’s expertise. Singto said that Krist can memorized songs or scripts given to them in a short time whereas he, himself needs to practice over and over again. More often than not, it stresses Singto so much especially at times when they have their fan meetings. ‘One time, I was so busy with my school that I came to our rehearsal a bit late but Krist was ready with one paper with instructions written all over it. He made remarks on the paper of which part with high note, part where I should paused so on and so forth and Im so grateful for that’ Singto shared in one of their interviews.

Being one sunshine ball who is always smiling and easy going does not exclude Krist for being sensitive. Krist can easily sulk or get mad at Singto but even so, it is no use to stay mad because Singto is a type of one who don’t overthink about anything and because of this most of the time he didn’t realized that Krist was actually mad at him. Under usual circumstances Krist will let it go or he will confront Singto and tell him he was mad. As for Singto, even if he get mad at Krist, he normally will not think too much about it and just scream it out inside his head and get over it. Having said that, if Krist did something which is not pleasing for Singto, he will directly speak it out. This straightforward characteristic of Singto is what makes Krist wishes he could talk in softer way to him instead of being firm. Singto might be an introvert and quiet but when he has things to criticize, normally it will get straight to your heart. ‘I know he loves me and cares for me but sometimes I just want him to tell me in an indirectly manner’ was what Krist told a magazine. Nevertheless, having been with each other for a long time, he is used to that part of Singto.

Different personalities is never a reason for Krist and Singto to widen their gap in their friendship. In fact, they work around that differences to become closer and being each other’s strength and support when needed. They can easily talk about anything under the sun but at the same time they know when the other needs their own personal time. That strong understanding between them is what make both have a special part in each other’s heart. Because of this well blend opposites personalities, their fans adore their friendship.

“If this diary is a work diary, then I’ll have P’Singto in every part of it”

– Krist Perawat

“Thank you for being the gift, not just a new year’s gift but a gift that makes every day we work together a good day”

– Singto Prachaya

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  • The Official Photobook of Krist Singto KISSING (2016)
  • The Official Photobook of Krist Singto KISSING verse 2 (2017)
  • Sotus The Memories Photobook (2018)
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▶ Discography


  • You Make Me Lucky เธอทำให้ฉันโชคดี
  • My Smile 你让我幸福 (You Make Me Lucky Chinese version)


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  • I’m Tee, Me Too – (coming soon)

▶ Awards


  • V-Chart Awards : Media Recommendation Artist
  • Maya Awards : Star Couple of The Year
  • KAZZ Awards : Magazine’s Sweetheart
  • World Top Awards : Important Persons of The Year
  • 6th Attitude Magazine Awards : Most Favourite TV Series of The Year (SOTUS The Series)
  • 6th Attitude Magazine Awards : Couple of The Year
  • Great Stars Awards : Social Super Star of The Year
  • LINE TV Awards : Best Couple of The Year
  • SANOOK Awards : Best Couple of The Year


  • 7th Attitude Magazine Awards : Most Favourite TV Series of The Year (SOTUS S: The Series)
  • 7th Attitude Magazine : Most Favourite Couple of The Year
  • Thai Role Model Awards
  • KAZZ Awards : Best Couple


  • LINE Sticker Awards : Best Couple  Sticker
  • KAZZ Awards : Best Couple

▶ Endorsement

  • Baby Bright
  • Sunsilk
  • Lazada
  • Oishi Drinks
  • Oppo
  • MIN MIN Candy
  • Mistine : Idolo

▶ Fan Meeting

When Sotus The Series ended, the fans were invited to a small scale fan meeting but as the series drawn the attention of many fans scattering all over the world, GMM step up the game and bring the casts touring outside Thailand to meet the fans.


January 14thMeet, Greet and Eat with Sotus The Series
February 18thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Hangzhou
March 24thFirst Sight with Rookie Boys in Guangzhou
April 22ndKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Suzhou
April 23rdKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Nanjing
June 16thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Shenzen
June 17thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Hangzhou
July 22ndKrist-Singto, Off, New, Fan Meeting in Chengdu
September 3rdY I Love You Fan Party
December 16thSotus S Nation Y Fan Meeting, Kad Suan Kaew – Chiangmai
December 23rdSotus S Nation Y Fan Meeting, Terminal 21 – Korat


January 13thSotus S Nation Y Fan Meeting, BCC Hall – Bangkok
January 20thSotus S Hazing in Manila 2018
January 27thSotus S Nation Y Fan Meeting, Hatyai Hall – Hatyai
March 17thSotus S Nation Y Fan Meeting in Chengdu
March 25thSotus S Fan Meeting in Taipei
March 31stSotus S Fan Meeting in Tianjin
May 5thOishi presents Sotus The Memories Live on Stage
July 1stKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore
July 7thKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Korea (Seoul)
July 14thSotus S Fan Meeting in Wuhan
July 21st-22ndKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Hong Kong
August 25thSotus S Fan Meeting in Wuxi
September 22ndSotus ENCORE Fan Meeting in Taipei
November 17thKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta
November 29thLAZADA presents Krist-Singto Fan Meeting
December 2ndKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Yangon
December 15thKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Japan


January 26th-27thY I Love You Fan Party 2019
March 9thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Qingdao
April 14th[Double Date] Krist-Singto & Tay-New Fan Meeting in Hong Kong
May 26thKrist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Vietnam
June 22ndKrist-Singto 2nd Fan Meeting in Korea (Busan)
July 6th-7thPERAYA Party (Krist-Singto 1st Fan Meeting in Thailand)
July 21stOurSkyy Fan Meeting in Taipei
August 17thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Manila
October 19thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Taipei
November 9thOISHI Green Tea presents Our Skyy Fan Meeting in Myanmar
November 16thKrist-Singto Fan Meeting in Chengdu
December 21stKrist-Singto 2nd Fan Meeting in Japan
December 28thKrist-Singto 2nd Fan Meeting in Hong Kong


May 30thKrist Singto Global Live FM
August 22ndSotus The Memories 4ever More

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