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Singto Prachaya

About Prachaya

Prachaya Ruangroj

The breakout star of Sotus The Series is a champion of silencing the crowd with just putting his fist up in the air. He is Prachaya Ruangroj Cheevanorrasuchakul also known as Singto Prachaya. He is that guy who sends his fans swooning over a blinding smile of his. Singto Prachaya; born on July 28th, 1994 is not completely unknown to the Thai entertainment world as he dabbled into it since his teenage years and at present is making it as his career.

Even so, what made his name became the talk of the town was Sotus The Series; one remarkable series produced by GMMTV. Since then, nothing can stop Singto Prachaya to soar higher and spread his wings wider in this field. Along the way, he has stolen the hearts of many from around the world and not only from his homeland, Thailand.


Name: Prachaya Ruangroj
D.O.B: 28th July 1994
Height: 177 cm
Favourite food: Pizza hawaiian cheese
Favourite drink: Americano
Favourite colour: Black, grey, white, gold
Hobby: Watching moviews, playing games, taking photos, reading books
Blood type: O


Singto Prachaya is the only child of Mr. Boonrod Cheevanorrasuchakul and late Mrs. Maprang Ruangroj. He has been living alone with his father since his mother died due to cancer. Singto used to keep his hair long and it was said that it was because of his late mother. When his mother undergone chemotherapy, she lost lots of hair and that was when Singto started to keep his hair longer in order for his mother to touch and to play with the hair. Now that he is living only with his father, Singto will make sure he puts his father as his utmost priority.

“I only have my dad now. There’s only two of us. My dad is my everything”, Singto once said in an interview. True to his word, he can be seen spending time with his father at any chances available in the midst of his busy schedule. Each time Singto is together with his father, unlike any other adult man he is not one who will feel embarrass being seen hanging out with his father. He will even proudly displaying his affection in public.

This lion is a cat lover and he loves anything fluffy and plump. He often share any random moment with random cats on his social media. Even so, he doesn’t own any cat but his father does own a parrot called Zazu, which he loves to play with whenever he backs home. Bird must be so dear to his parents that he was given a duck plushie. Singto said one thing that he must have on his bed is his duck plushie which according to him is already exist since he was still a baby.

Childhood and Early Years

During elementary years, having small built making Singto easily get bullied by other students. There was one time when he reached his limit, he fought back which ended up his parents were being called to meet his discipline teacher. Singto used to be closed with a boy because of their same interest in basketball. There was an incident whereby Singto was following his friend to another school and they get into a fight. Despite his adventurous event growing up, Singto is taught to not doing bad things to others by his parents. They always teach him to be a person of a good manner and that teaching stuck until today. Singto is always associates with good attitude. This become one of the qualities that draw his fans to him. In addition to that, he is one hardworking guy because as he grew up, his parents always go by the rule, if you want something, earn it. Since he was little, if he requested for something, he will earn them by doing good deed such as getting good result and so on. Up until today, you can see how he always give his best in everything.

“ Fans are like a diary. ” - Singto Prachaya

“He is my role model who teaches me to stay positive, keep fighting, remain brave, stay ambitious, stay focused, and stay strong”

“He can arrange his schedule so well, between studying and works. And in many things he has to do, he always tries so hard to make everything as well as he can. So proud and love him.”

Those are among others, the praises and impression that Samoonjaopa felt toward Singto Prachaya. His followers call themselves as ‘Samoonjaopa’ which means the lion’s underlings and it all inspired by his own name, “Singto” which means ‘lion’ in Thailand. He used to be called ‘Gun’ but her late mother changed it to ‘Singto’ as he was not that lucky enough in the year of a tiger. True to his name, his bold character is what make Samoon fall for him.

In the middle of his busy schedule as an actor and a celebrity, he is also a student and that give one great impression to his fans. People look up to him as he is juggling both work and study yet still be able to give his best. Those traits in him is one of many other reasons Samoonjaopa adore him. Samoonjaopa is not only Singto’s underling but he regards his fans as his diary. The reason so, his fans always become his reminder to any events related to him.

Into New Decade


Singto Prachaya was officially graduated on May 11th, 2020 with degree of Bachelor of Communication Arts from Bangkok University. But unfortunately, this pandemic withhold their graduation ceremony. At the moment, he is working on some series and venturing on new things. Stating to media, he plans to continue his study abroad but still not sure when he can execute the plan.

Youtube Channel & Ending Contract with GMMTV

On 28th of April 2021, Singto released a teaser on his Official Youtube Channel. The channel was created on a special day for Peraya which is April of 19th. Not only that he released a YouTube channel, a news about Singto ending his contract with his GMMTV was released. He is now a free-lancer artiste and still can work with GMMTV. Most of his fans are happy to receive the news and hoping for him to soar higher and experiencing the best journey for his career in the future. He also said that he wanted to try working behind the screen, implementing his knowledge of communication arts.


More About Prachaya

“Better is greater than the best. The best stops us from improving. Better allows us to keep improving and striving”
– Singto Prachaya

A celebrity or a public figure is one who is out there for display and be scrutinized by the public or fans. This is very much contrary to Singto’s personality or preference as he is the type of person who loves to spend time alone. He also loves photography and often be seen with his camera during his trip for fan meetings and he loves capturing anything beautiful in his eyes.

In the past, he was a hazer during his senior year despite being someone who loves his ‘me-time’. He said that during his hazer era he almost cried when he saw his freshmen cry. Singto was first enrolled in Kasetsart University taking Economy as his major but he then moved to Bangkok University taking Communication and Arts and he is said to graduate in 2020. Once graduated, he plans to continue his study abroad but it all will depend on his current situation and to make this decision he will take into consideration of what his father’s thought about it.


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  • Finding The Rainbow สุดท้ายที่ปลายรุ้ง (Role: Win)




  • V-Chart Awards: Most Popular New Artist
  • Maya Awards: Best Rising Star
  • 14th Kom Chad Leuk Awards: Most Popular Actor

  • Thai Health Professional Against Tobacco Smoke-Free Artist Award
  • KAZZ Awards: Best Male Actor

  • Kom Chad Luek Awards: Most Popular Actor
  • Daradaily Awards: Cool Guy of the Year 2018
  • Maya Awards: Charming Boy

  • 16th Kom Chad Leuk Awards: Popular TV Award
  • LINE TV Awards: Best Dramatic Scene
  • KAZZ Awards: Popular Actor
  • KAZZ Awards: Male of the Year

  • Japan Expo Thailand 2023: Famous Thai Male Artist in Japan Award


  • Baby Bright: Ice Lemon Sherbet White Gel
  • Baby Bright: Cica & Lemon Matte Serum
  • Lazada Thailand
  • Oishi Thailand: Oishi Drinks (Grape)
  • Oishi Thailand (ROV Game)
  • Oishi Club
  • Tesco Lotus Express
  • OPPO F5
  • OPPO R9S
  • MINMIN Candy Fresh
  • IDOLO Mi Cute Eyebrows Pencil
  • Mama OK


  • Dr.Smith สิงโต ปราชญา 
  • Santisuk ป้าตือพาสิงโตxอ้นศรี ทัวร์ ICONSIAM ฮาลั่นสนั่นคุ้งน้ำ
  • Hello Station สวัสดี STATION (EP.43)



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