The Most Awaited Comeback

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April has been a godsend for PERAYA, especially this year, now that we have Krist and Singto are under one roof. We received KristSingto’s event drops almost every day. It was blissful, almost surreal, even.

It was that time of year again when GMMTV would host an event to showcase their next project lineups. On the 23rd of April was GMMTV 2024 Up & Above Part 2. Of course, one fandom was kept on its toes. KristSingto’s reunion under one management fueled speculation about THE comeback of the century. Some remained calm while crossing their fingers, while others prayed for a comeback this time.


“I think we both don’t want to feel lonely anymore”- Krist Perawat


As early as April 22nd, the Union Mall was plastered with KristSingto’s faces. With the tagline of ‘TAKE A GUESS KS NEXT ROLES’, fan projects organized by PGS team were on display. LEDs, banners and posters lit up the mall fueling up the adrenaline of each PERAYA. Everyone collectively had one wish in their heart; KristSingto grand comeback with a new series and other projects.



GMMTV Up & Above Part 2 ended. After 7 years of waiting, experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, non-stop projects in between, finally PERAYA received one great, wonderful, memorable news- KristSingto comeback is here. One new era has now begun. Krist-Singto will come back with one new series called “Ex-Morning”. One original series that was inspired by their real life. 



Krist and Singto will also hold a new version of Peraya Party which is rephrased as “PERAYA PARTY: BEGIN AGAIN”. The event will be held on June 15th, 2024. Ticket sales will commence on May 4th. During their Begin Again Press Tour, Krist has been excitedly ‘promoting’ his P’Singto to dance to Hit Me Up if fans could sell out the tickets.

Tickets for PERAYA PARTY: BEGIN AGAIN could be purchased at and every PERAYA all over the globe was eager to hunt down the best tickets available. Minor mishaps happened during the ticket purchase whereby international fans were unable to get through and they needed VPN to enter the website and some even got their credit/ debit card rejected during transactions. Not only that, there were a lot of scalpers who resold the ticket at an extravagant price. 

However, all those didn’t discourage PERAYA from getting the tickets for the comeback. It can be seen all over social media how local PERAYA and international PERAYA were helping one another in getting the tickets; sharing about scammers and overpriced sellers. Peraya as one, indeed. Despite ticket sales 11 days after the news drop, physical tickets were sold over 75%, equivalent to over 12 million baht. For an old fandom that had been through drought season for 7 years,  the number pulled was impressive. They really are not joking when they said PERAYA is a home that Krist and Singto can come back to. Regardless of how long the waiting season might be. 

May this new beginning become another new journey of a precious memory for us who have been waiting patiently to welcome the boys home.


“He is my safe zone”- Singto Prachaya


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The Most Awaited Comeback

April has been a godsend for PERAYA, especially this year, now that we have Krist and Singto are under one roof. We received KristSingto’s event


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