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A Decade to Celebrate

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A DECADE. 10 years. Three-six-five-zero days. Regardless of the way you say it, nothing could change the length of the entire period. One thing is for sure, that time span is not short.

On the 4th of May 2022, Peraya, the starving fish team (PGS247) came out with a proposal for a project to celebrate our beloved boys’ 10th anniversary. Despite the lack of public interaction widely known as bread or crumbs, the team still strongly holds onto a dollop of belief in คริสสิงโตเป็นแฟนกัน ‘KristSingto Bpen Fan Gun’ (KSBFG). Hence, the #decadeofKristSingto project was created. Dare to dream…

There were 3 plans that had been proposed by the team. Plan A was Pillar Media @ GMM Building, Plan B was Pillar Media @ GMM Building and BTS wrap and Plan C was Pillar Media @ GMM Building and Station take over. The cost for all the 3 plans were ranging from 540,000 baht to 6,300,000 baht. And so, the donation period begins. Make your dream comes true…

The lack of bread didn’t seem to shake the hungry fish’s support. Campaigns were done in which the donator could have cute freebies including a Thank You card. There were 3 sets of Mystery Boxes with different amounts to choose from for the donation and if they wished to get all of them, there was one Promotion Set. What made the freebies special was, every campaign had its own theme presenting Krist-Singto’s journey with different works of art from talented Peraya. Along with that, there was also a donation for 14 fanfictions written by 14 creative writers from the fandom. This time, the writers were exploring different genres and concepts for Krist-Singto. Conjointly, donators could get sets of doujinshi with a certain amount of donation. The great support given was to the extent that, we had 5 languages for the fanfiction; Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian! Give and you will receive…




‘PROPOSAL’ – an arrangement in advance to do something. The definition itself is crystal clear that it might go as we wanted to or there might be a detour in its journey. In the same way, a minor revamp was done with the original plan of the project to suit current events. The team later announced minor changes. This was to make way for a mini mega project for LOL Fan Fest to sneak in. Peraya As One…



On the 20th of August 2022, The Impact Arena was literally covered with KristSingto during LOL Fan Fest. There were 5 mini projects done by the team including With Love From Japan and a collaboration between Peraya Official and Singto Thailand FC. Love Brings US Together…



A decade of KristSingto project was extended to Japan. On the 12th of December 2022, with the frequency of 4 times every hour, right in the middle of the busy Shibuya crossing on Shibuhachi Hit Vision LED, a short clip of sweetness overload KristSingto was proudly projected. This LED project was witnessed by Singto and Krist themselves during their Japan trip for Krist-Singto Precious Memories fan meeting. 


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“Hope we’re like home that you always come back to”


‘A paradise for avid shoppers’. That is what CentralwOrld is known as. It is one massive shopping mall in Thailand. Beginning 9th of January, 2023 The PanOramix, CentralwOrld’s LED was projecting the faces of our Lion and Turtle. And the clip was running until the 19th of January 2023. The night was extra wonderful and bright during the entire period of the display. Story of Lion and Turtle…



Craving for more. Stepping into the new year of 2023, PERAYA were not totally moved on from all those precious memories made during KristSingto Precious Memories FM in Japan. That being said, deep down in our hearts we knew the new chapter might be our drought season. However, possessing stubborn bones made us not easily lose hope. Precious memories in the making…

Together, we are stronger. Fishes know fully well that we had each other to rely on in the midst of the drought season when there were barely any crumbs dropped. At the end of the day, we need to stand on our own feet to cheer up one another and it was our own decision to create more precious memories. That was how PERAYA New Year Party happened. 



PERAYA New Year Party 2023 was organized by PGS Team on 14th January 2023 at Chira Mookata. Team hungry fish was having a BBQ that evening with green and pink as their main theme color. Not only the gathering was aimed to usher in the new year, but it was also to strengthen the bond between Peraya. Filling up tummy? Checked. Did gift exchange? Checked. The gathering ended with a visit to witness the CentralwOrld LED project. Memory created…



Of one series and one great chemistry. 419 or April 19th was a very significant date for all of us. It was the day when the name ‘PERAYA’ was created. A home for those who support Singto Prachaya and Krist Perawat. Every year, the fandom never failed to celebrate 419 and this year, 2023 marked the 6th Anniversary for Peraya. Different projects were done in different countries to celebrate 419 and all of them were screaming one message; We are still here…

Q: If you can choose a character in One Piece to represent Peraya, what would it be?

“Going Marry already sank, so Thousand Sunny then.” – Singto Prachaya (LactasoyxKristSingto)

In the famous anime series One Piece, the ship Thousand Sunny was deemed as one stable and strong ship. Going through the rough sea, going up and down through the stormy wave, yet the ship still proudly sails. And true enough, this fandom is very much similar to Thousand Sunny Ship. Strong and stable…

#KS6thAnniversary was the tag for 2023. Scrolling through the tag on social media will lead you to a wonderful discovery of love and loyalty. Near or far, big or small, a team project or individual project, all of them were reflecting a warm love for KristSingto.

The Indonesia team came up with banner glass facade media displayed on GMM Building. The beautiful media was on display from 11th to 30th April 2023. 




Make memories that last forever. A phrase that is closely related to a photograph. Besides the facade media, Indonesian Peraya was also having a photo booth to make their 419 more memorable. The photo booth was located in various locations in Indonesia. Memories captured, memories made…




The love for 419, spread to Peru as well. To celebrate this memorable day, Team Peraya Peru had LED screen project along with a fan gathering. Great love could be seen floating everywhere.



“No matter how much time passes, we will always be together. No matter where you are, you will always be our best place”



419 also witnessed the love from Vietnam where lovely Peraya was having a gathering and get-together. The venue was full of beautiful decorations, one wonderful and heartwarming sight. Like forever…





“Look how far we’ve come. Through the good times and the bad times but we’re still together”




Through good and bad times. Going through drought season in the fandom might cause a change in one’s heart. Some stay and some no longer have the hearts to do the same. Despite that, nothing could change the strong hearts of team PGS to give out their very best in sharing love and happiness. To commemorate the significant 419 this year, Team PGS came up with activities that included Peraya in the project. Amongst the activities done were, Wishing Stas, make Offering, Fortune sticks, and more. The two-day project full of dedication and great love was executed at Union Mall from the 22nd to the 23rd of April 2023. It’s home…




Showing love doesn’t need to be loud all the time. It’s not about being updated or being active on social media around the clock. It is all about surviving and it’s all about the willingness to give your time and energy. Throughout the years, PERAYA has been so great at that. Until the next 419. Always here.



“HOME isn’t really a place but it’s what people who make it what it is…”

“Thank you for still being here”

“My home PERAYA”

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A Decade to Celebrate

A DECADE. 10 years. Three-six-five-zero days. Regardless of the way you say it, nothing could change the length of the entire period. One thing is for sure, that time span


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