419 Day: Into the 4th Year to 4ever with KristSingto

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April is a special month for every PERAYA. This year, the 19th of April 2021 marked the 4th year of KristSingto’s ring exchange events. Being in this fandom, it doesn’t matter if we could not meet each other at the moment due to the pandemic, the amount of love shown to the boys at the 419 anniversary was great and amazing. It was a significant display of unity.

Some might think without any project together for a long time, the love for Krist and Singto might fade away. Nevertheless, 19.04.21 proved otherwise. Regardless of how long we are in the fandom, 4 weeks, 4 months, or 4 years, an anniversary is still something so dear to us. It is a day that marked our bond and our decision to support one another. To commemorate this special day, PERAYA from all over the world expressed their love in ‘grand’ style for Krist and Singto.

419 Day: KristSingto Brazil

There is a saying, ‘A bad day with coffee is better than without’. On this special day, KristSingto Brazil was serving everyone with a cup sleeve event. Everyone who drops by GMM building can kick start their 19.04.21 as early as 07.00AM at Starbucks Cafe. One drink ordered will come with one KristSingto cup sleeve, designed with full love and care.

- Love, begins with an uplifted spirit -

419 Day: PERAYA Team Malaysia

Early this year, we often see Krist and Singto updating their SNS of them line skating and skateboarding. Both were having fun though there was a minor accident for Singto. Then again, when you love what you are doing, a fall won’t draw you back from your passion.

PERAYA Team Malaysia in collaboration with a few other Malaysia FC came together on this special day. They gifted Krist and Singto skateboards and attached together were messages from every FCs joining. This thoughtful project was a joint project between PERAYA Malaysia and SingtoKrist MY FC, Malaysia Krist FC, Kristtps_Malaysia, MYship_per, and SKHolixx_MY alongside PerayaBabiesPH and Global YSP team.

- Love, skate it away with fire -

419 Day: Global YSP (Yuyu, Samoon, Peraya)

Custom designed microphone with crystal is a common practice in the West and it is stretched to Asia as well. We can see many celebrities are using glitter microphones personalized with their name on them, especially KPop artists.

On the 19th of April, a house for Yuyu, Samoon, and Peraya- Global YSP team, presented Krist and Singto, their PERAYA Day special project which is customized microphones. The microphones for Krist and Singto were customized with Swarovski crystals, Indian Siam, and Graphite respectively. Not only that, the color chosen for the microphones was especially unique for the boys, where black is Singto’s and red is Krist’s. The two microphones were kept in customized cases, which personalized with designs specifically for both Krist and Singto.

That was not all by the Global YSP team. On this special day, the team also gifted two books full of messages for KristSingto which adorned the money cake given to the boys. Their gifts were extended to KristSingto’s pet; Pluto, Muffin, and Zazu who also received their gift basket as well.

- Love, let the thought speaks louder -

419 Day: PERAYA True Love (Chinese Peraya)

The glittering crystal adorning their customized microphones from Global YSP, is not shining alone. A Chinese PERAYA group- PERAYA True Love gifted Krist and Singto, 100,000 Baht each. The stack of notes was beautifully wrapped and put inside a diamond-shaped case with their initial; K and S on top.

The concept of their gifts was to show KristSingto that they shine like diamonds and to portray the relationship between Krist and Singto which will last like a diamond. The unique diamond case was put on top of the base covered with artificial grass and beautiful roses.

- Love, eternal like a diamond -

419 Day: SK Fairies Sisters (Chinese Peraya)

It is not big news in the fandom about KristSingto’s love for games. Everyone knew the boys spent most of their free time playing games with their friends and with each other. On this special day, another Chinese PERAYA, SK Fairies Sisters gifted them Play Station 5, one set each. The set consists of a wireless controller, camera, remote controller, headphones, and charges. These sets definitely will glue the boys on their couch enjoying the games.

When we talk about SK Fairies Sisters, it is not complete if we don’t include GMM Building Pillar Media as they are known to seal the deal for the pillars which they had been doing so for years. On April 17th, they introduced a new design for the pillars to welcome the 4th PERAYA Anniversary, and together with the media wrapping GMM building’s pillars, the main entrance, as well as Starbuck’s facade, were plastered with KristSingto’s media. SK Fairies Sisters also extended the contract for the pillars media until next year, 2022 end.

A display of great love for KristSingto on the pillars with the tagline ‘We Will Always Love You’ definitely one warm message that the fans want KristSingto to know.

- Love, as always and always the same -

419 Day: KristSingto Japan FC

KristSingto’s media was not only plastered on the GMM building pillars, main entrance, and the Starbucks facade. When you entered the 1st floor and made your way to the elevator, each of the lift’s walls was plastered with Peraya’s journey with KristSingto. This project was done by KristSingto Japan FC.

This lift media project was made similar to a diary. Each of them represents significant dates and moments between PERAYA and KristSingto that happened throughout the years. Not only dates and pictures, but the lift media also featured heartwarming messages to the boys. The lift diary started during the KU era and ended with PERAYA Anniversary, 19.04.21. 

On PERAYA 4th Anniversary, KristSingto Japan FC also gifted Krist and Singto rings by GUCCI. These rings were crafted in 18k yellow gold and embedded with red, blue, and pink topaz gems. The black corundum bands were having unique motifs of planets, bees, stars, and as well as the interlocking G logo. A classy elegant ring for the classy pairs.

- Love, with no ends -


April 19th, 2021 marked the very 1st year of KRISTSINGTO.COM, and this year not only we celebrated our 1st anniversary but our very first project was making its debut. The project was planned to be a Valentine’s Day project, hoping to celebrate the love with our beloved boys but fate had a better plan, we had to postpone it and still a day to celebrate love but was scheduled on PERAYA 4th Anniversary. The rerouting of the plan turned into an amazing memory for us.

Timeless Love For SK was the name chosen and the paper art display was the exhibition. As we were entering another year with Krist and Singto, we would like to show that our love and support for them is beyond time. The main motifs for the project were roses, Singto’s favorite flower, and the flower that he would choose if he needs to give one for Krist. 

An exhibition is something common and so we need to find one thing that will make the project outstanding. This exhibition will be executed to commemorate one special day for PERAYA and it should be special and because of that reason, we chose the best theme for the anniversary to align with our tagline ‘timeless’. A wedding reception concept then was scribbled on our paperwork for the project.

“They love to do things so grand”


That was when we came across the paper art team. Decorations beautifully made from papers. The best material to fit timeless, roses and wedding concept for an anniversary. So, the supposedly 3 days exhibition plan began.

It was not all sunshine and rainbow but we managed to execute the projects thanks to all the FCs and people involved, directly or indirectly. Even with some situations happening, the flow of the project unfolds rather beautifully and perfectly. This included how we managed to get an HD picture from a Senior HR Media TransAsia Thailand , despite the magazine being no longer available to one good news by the building management. Personnel of Geurtfah Co. Lt. who is in charge of space leasing for GMM Grammy building suggested to us for an extra day for the exhibition and they would like to extend it for free. That was how the Timeless Love for SK proudly displayed in the lobby for 4 days.

The Timeless Love for SK project commenced on the 17th of April and ended on the 20th of April. The area was set up on the 16th of April and the entire process took roughly 9 hours.

We were extremely delighted when a local TV channel featured a glimpse of the exhibition for their scoop on Krist Perawat. The exhibition received a lot of positive feedback from the visitors, mainly the local Thai fans and from those who only get to see it through their SNS.


With the current situation where everyone was unable to fly, we prepared two handmade Guest Books for our donors to leave their message. The books were delivered to the GMM office on the last day of the exhibition. To complement our ‘wedding reception’ exhibit, we also gifted the boys customized wine glass with their names lasered on it together with Piccini Chianti Riserva Wine, one set each. The 4th Anniversary really holds a soft spot in our hearts forever.

- Love, a timeless journey -

419 Day: Another year of love, another moment to cherish

Walking this journey is not easy. At times you might feel frustrated and disappointed. Nonetheless, here we are celebrating our 4th Anniversary, together and still going strong. If it gives you a home and a tint of happiness, keep the loving flow.

Love is timeless…

It is the memories of the past…

The happiness of today…

And the promise of tomorrow…

Happy 4th Anniversary, dear PERAYA.

- Love, 4th to 4ever with you -


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