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A Decade to Celebrate

A DECADE. 10 years. Three-six-five-zero days. Regardless of the way you say it, nothing could change the length of the entire period. One thing is for sure, that time span […]

Amazing Thailand

Thailand Festival is an annual event organised by Thailand Tourism. For the first time, this
year it was held online featuring an amazing pair, Singto Prachaya and
Krist Perawat.

8 Years and Counting ; The Journey

An almost 3M baht project. A media display wrapped around a building with no product’s name, nor the sponsor’s name. The very first of it’s kind for Krist Singto.


Krist Singto performance in a mega-scale event organized by Fantopia Thailand


Despite being restricted by a pandemic in 2020, there still are a few projects done by the fans for Krist Perawat and Singto Prachaya and to top that, a gigantic one.

Happy Anniversary, Peraya

Happy April 19th! The day when Peraya was officially born. Solely made to support Krist and Singto.

PERAYA PARTY: A Party to Remember

THE ANNOUNCEMENT Unexpected. Out of blue. Unlooked for. Those are the exact words and phrases that could describe the 22 seconds duration clip of the #PerayaProject2019 announcement which was dropped […]

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